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I normally don’t like “B” movies, unless it is Blaxploitation. However, this shit here? Despite the 4.8 IMDB rating, I found this movie to be fucking hilarious! Just the title of the movie alone, got me laughing about 5 minutes. I immediately knew that I needed to search for it, and watch it as soon as I could. Oh, my goodness. Granted, you have to be a certain kind of person to be able to watch this movie, but If you like “B” movie horror, I am pretty confident you’ll like this one. I haven’t laughed at a good low budget movie in a long time. Look, the reality is, very few directors can take a low budget movie, poor actors, and create a masterpiece (and that still holds true today).

The thought of zombie animals coming back to life? I’ve never seen a movie like this before. What the hell a zombie animal look like, how do they act? To be honest, I first thought about the zombeavers feeding on other animals, since traditionally the once human now zombies feed on humans still alive. The thought of something like that dying and coming-back alive, without some sort of magic, or a witch being involved was so foreign to me.

This is the typical movie, where college kids go to some family’s members house (who happens to be on vacation of sort) to eventually have sex, then all hell breaks loose.What I also liked about this movie, was that the director/writer throw in one additional huge bomb. In addition to having to fight these dead  beaver zombie creatures; there are 3 boys, and 3 girls who are all friends and currently dating each other. One of the girls cheated with with another guy in that group. Out of heat of anger, both her female friend, and the cheater’s boyfriend all found out at the same time. How their struggle to survive these killer beaver zombies, knowing that two people out of the six cheated. Like any other zombie, their bites are infectious, and slowly their friends are starting to turn in to beaver zombies.

Please remember that this is a modern “B” movie, the acting here was awful, but it is the kind of awful that is funny tolerable, and the beavers (you can see they’re obviously puppets with quite a few of the scenes) are hilarious. Although the pool scene got a little serious (I will not share spoiler), I still don’t know whether the movie is a comedy or not, it appears to swing in either direction. Will the students be able to get out alive? Get if from Netflix here.



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