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Today, I’d like to honor the dynamic husband and wife duo, the late Nick Ashford and Valerie Simpson (living). Nick always reminded me of the lion from the wizard of oz. When I was a kid I actually thought he was the guy that played him for awhile. Woow, talk about a once  one of the greatest musical couple groups, and now no one plays their music anymore… Oh boy. Ashford and Simpson was so popular, it is amazing some of the many people I’ve talked to thought of husband and wife team Peaches and Herb before they thought of Ashford & Simpson. How does that happen? Nick and Valarie have been married for about 40+ years, and have continued to be the role model for married couples everywhere. They’ve been performing together since the late sixties and early seventies, up until Nick’s death in 2011. Valarie recently expressed that she is still having a very hard time with the loss of her longtime partner. However, she did manage to come out with a solo album, which sounds really good! I’m proud of her. Many people who have performed with someone for that many years, don’t usually come out solo for fear they no longer represent the “full package.” Good for her.

I don’t there is enough time in one day to calculate how many hits they have spit out. “Street Corner,” “Solid,” “Is It Still Good To Ya?” “Send It,” and “Love Don’t Make It Right” are just a few of their hits that I love. Listen to a rare interview of Nick Ashford and Valerie Simpson given by MetroTV Part 1, & Part 2. Also, Ashford & Simpson performing on David Letterman W/ interview on YouTube. They harmonized flawlessly! When they performed, you can see the pure love they’ve had for each other. Listen to more of their music on Napster here.


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