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Hello my beloved blog readers!! Well, if you haven’t heard already, Prince passed away without having a will, and the powers that be were/still are scrambling to figure out how to manage his $$$$$ estate. Prince made it known that he did not want to have his music streamed by any streaming service, because he felt that they were just as bad as the record labels for not paying fairly. As I’ve expressed in an earlier post, I was pissed when he pulled ALL his music, and that included Spotify! I’ve always highly disagreed with Prince’s theory from day one. It only seemed artists are not paid fairly because we are no longer selling physical media anymore, so there is a resistance to the new pricing structure.  However, I just got an email today from iHeartRadio, and the email stated that they now have Prince’s entire music catalog! Now, since iHeartRadio has now made on-demand streaming available, AND since their streaming is now powered by Napster, Napster now has all his music too. I’m pretty sure that more services will follow.

I was really pleased to see this. Although, the reality was I had almost all of his music anyway so it didn’t matter to me. However, it was the principle of it all. I didn’t feel Prince was any better than the record labels, by forcing his fans to sign up for Tidal Streaming service if they wanted to stream his music (just because he felt Jay-Z would pay more money, but in reality, Jay-Z was in legal for not paying a lot of labels (so much for honesty)). Your only alternative was to purchase from iTunes, Google, Amazon, or pay collector’s prices for original albums from a specialty store. I’m sure if we could hear Prince now, he’d be pitching a bitch! But, as the record company finally understood in the end, was you can’t control, nor fight technology. End of story. Their reign of terror, and hijacking musical art for their own gain is over.


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