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Kool cigarettes are made with menthol and created by ITG Brands LLC. Since I don’t smoke, I really don’t know a whole lot about cigarettes at all. However, I still wanted to share this video, because this is one of the many things I remembered from my childhood. Seeing them in the commercials, and watching soo many adults smoking this brand of cigarettes (almost exclusively it seemed). Now, there were other brands, but this was one of the many brands that I remembered to be popular. Kool cigarettes were first sold around the time of 1933, and enjoyed much success through the 50s. But when studies came out about the rising health risks of smoking, the cigarette giant realized they’ve got some big challenges. To address this, ITG created a variety of filtered cigarettes, and pretty soon other cigarette makers have done the same. However, because of fierce competition, the company was forced to merger as a result of declining sales.


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