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I would like to pay a little homage to little known about, Rebbie Jackson. Rebbie Jackson is the oldest sibling, born in 1950. In my opinion, out of all the Jacksons in the family, Rebbie is the most talented Jackson (vocally) than all the other Jacksons. Unfortunately, she only made about 4 albums before she decided to called it quits. I was so disappointed, because I know had she stuck to it, there is no doubt in my mind she would have been joining the ranks of her brother MJ. Her biggest hit she is remembered for is an 80s song called “Centipede (1984).” If I’m not mistaken, Michael actually written the song specially for her. The song starts off seductive and sexy, and by the end of the song, you get to hear a glimpse of the true power of her voice. I have to be honest, Centipede was the only song I ever liked. I was not impressed with the albums that came after.

I think that’s what pissed me off the most! the fact that she had the most powerful voice out of all the Jacksons, yet she could not seem to take her career to the next level. If I didn’t know any better, it was almost as though it was done on purpose, to make sure she didn’t outshine Michael. Well, it wouldn’t totally be a crazy idea, since Joe Jackson (very controlling and manipulative) was still managing them at the time (I think). Joe Jackson saw Michael as the cash cow (or more accurately “The Jackson 5” brand). Another clue as to the politics that went on in the family, was how Janet broke away from her father Joe. It was the theme of Janet’s 80s album “Control.” It was a big deal when the Jacksons started to fire their father one by one. Again, don’t interpret what I’m saying as no other Jackson can sing; I’m just saying dynamically, Rebbie had more range and power. I guess there’s also that possibility that she didn’t want to be in show business, and she was just doing it out of pressure. “She’s a Jackson, let’s see what she can do!” Listen to Rebbie’s Centipede on Napster here.


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