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I love this commercial, because it was one of the very few commercials that feature an African American actors. Anybody who’s 40 years old and older can tell you, most of the commercials (if not all) that featured African American only actors, were 99% of the time about food, or about foods specifically marketed to Black people. This AT&T commercial kind of doesn’t make sense to me, because overall the message seems to be more about the relationship between two brothers, than a long distance commercial. I guess what they were trying to say that, even if their loved one is far away, talking to them over the phone is like they were there locally, but we all know that’s not exactly true, especially when it comes to young children.

You know, what cracks me up about this commercial, is that it struck up a memory of something we used to do all the time in the hood (even among siblings). That was, anytime someone in the “clique” got a new bike, skate board, roller skates, etc, we would allow someone to temporarily ride it/wear it, and for payment trade with something else of value. For instance, if a friend had a new comic book that was known you really really wanted, the possessor would trade the comic book for “99 rides.” I absolutely have no idea how we came up with that number! But let me tell you, that was a high price back then, and if someone allowed you to ride their bike for 99 rides for something, they were pretty desperate. LOLOLOL


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