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Oh boy, look how handsome Richard Roundtree was! Not only that, he was a very nice and down-to-earth person in real life! I’d take a simple regular guy any-day, than someone who’s always got something to prove, ain’t that right girls 🙀? Well, I wanted to do another article about Black Hair. I was sifting through some of my old magazines and thought to myself, damn! Our hair has changed A LOT in the past 30 years. I know this isn’t my imagination, I can’t be the only one that has given this a lot of thought? What I mean is, the quality of Black hair has some how changed. And I don’t necessarily think it’s the hairstyle either. As I nostalgically look through my old Black magazines, Black hair (particularly women) appeared to have more luster in their hair. Check out this link, and compare the hair you see there to many woman’s hair today, you’ll see what I mean. Which is kind of comical now that I think about it in perspective, because we did all kinds of crazy shit that damaged our hair, and that included the use of hot combs. I’m seriously wondering guys, are the products we’re using now are that much different that we have lost the quality of our hair? Or is the difference in our hair quality today represent the physical health of our community? I say this because the one thing I’ve learned from very young was that, the state of our health usually comes out 4 major (visible) places.

  • Our Nails
  • Our Skin
  • Our Tongue
  • Our Hair

You know, it’s funny. You know how back in the day (still do actually) when a guy gets a new job interview, and he advertises everywhere that he has to buy that “Detox,” to take the street drugs out their system? Usually it was for something small like Marijuana. However, do you realize that Marijuana comes out through your hair and usually stays their for months! I mention because we don’t realize just how  EXTREMELY strong and durable human hair is (especially Black hair), what is happening when I look at our hair now and it doesn’t appear to be as healthy as it once was. Have all the Black business that made products specially for us have all gone? Or has the culture have changed so drastically that we don’t care about our hair as we once did 30-40 years ago? When I was growing up, I couldn’t walk down the street without my elders telling me “how he got that good hair.” Now, it seems that people aren’t passionate about their hair anymore. Guys seem to prefer sporting a bald look, and a lot of women seem to gravitate towards weaves, extensions, or wigs. Hmmm. I think this would be a great discussion for the community.



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