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Hello my classic blog fans! I just wanted to inform my small group of followers that care, that I’m making some slight changes to my blog to make it more mobile friendly. I avoided it for a very, very long time, since 99% of the time I blog/tweet/facebook I’m using my PC. Without getting to technical, WordPress is a huge monster of an open source program, where programmers from all over the world volunteer their time to work on literally hundreds of different modules for this amazing CMS program. Then there is the other issue of my theme itself, and how WP responds to it and vise-versa. It would be more of a hassle than what it’s worth, to try and make my current theme more “navigable” to mobile devices the way it is designed now. After considerable thought, the best way for me to handle this is to get rid of most of my side panel. However, please note that I’m merely going to move the contents in a different place, so that mobile devices, e-readers etc. aren’t forever scrolling down to see my current posts. I really didn’t realize just how much people prefer their mobiles over PC. So, in response to that, I felt obligated to make some changes. Staying relevant just doesn’t mean content necessarily, sometimes it’s also how our sites are put together as well.

I’ll also continue to try and be mindful in making my regular posts as short and sweet as possible, and any downloadable media smaller (including streaming video). Once I’ve did the cleanup, I hope you’ve noticed how much my site is faster on your devices? Unfortunately to play along with the “Mystery Movie” challenge, and any Spotify scans, you’ll have to visit my site. I think it’ll be more fun that way anyway in the long run.  So, I’m doing noting major, I just prefer making minor changes, instead of performing plastic surgery, that could land me in a very aggravating situation LOLOL 😜


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