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I remember watching this movie as a child. I loved all those giant monster movies that come from Japan. I don’t know what was it about those particular creature movies that made America love them so much? To be honest, I’ve only really been a fan of the old Gamera and Godzilla. Although they couldn’t speak, they had personality that showed through their body language, especially Godzilla, Godzilla was hilarious! It wasn’t all about giant monsters destroying cities, and killing millions of people. We got a sense of what monsters were really good, and which ones were really bad. I wish they’d come back to traditional Godzilla tho, it appears to have changed from a protector of earth, to a demonic/supernatural conjured creature. I also loved Mothra too, you know, the giant butterfly?  A can’t remember too many giant creature movies that America has made. Well, there’s “Attack of the 50 Foot Woman,” but she wasn’t really a creature, but I guess that depends on how you interpret it. I know there’s probably a couple of others, but there isn’t much in comparison. I think it’s safe to say that America’s thing were vampires, wolves, and supernatural type of movies.

So, in essence, Daimajin is some sort of god, that I can’t help but to notice many similarities to christianity; in terms of crucifixion, a god that will come and take out revenge on behalf of it’s people, etc. I really don’t know about Daimajin in the historical sense. But Japan probably had just as many mythical gods as the Romans. However, this particular god has a twist. Daimajin is almost the equivalent of the god of war, yet Daimajin is really good. The problem with Daimajin is that once you pray to him, invoke his name, and he comes to your aid, that’s it! He comes to destroy EVERYTHING including all the victims’ town! The person, or persons that pray to this god, damn near gets killed themselves trying to stop him from decimating everything (including woman and children). Now, yes, Daimajin is a demon, you might say “how is he good?” Well, he’s kind of like the evil that can handle evil to do good. You understand what I’m trying to say? I find it interesting that when Daimajin comes alive, his body still looks like stone (great job in conveying that), but his face is human. It quickly becomes obvious that it is a guy with a mask. Makes me think was this intentional? To convey a human side? This is NOT a stellar series, however it is wonderfully nostalgic. There’s about 3 or 4 Daimajin movies that you can order on Netflix.



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