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I’ve done a lot of research on this new company called “Soundiiz.”It’s unfortunate that customer service/help desk of various streaming companies are not aware of this service. I’m not sure if it’s because it is evidence that they’re so large they don’t communicate with their employees? Or the result of just how fast internet technology is moving. I’d say a little bit of both. Well, I wanted to do some hard research, and made sure it is legit and legal before I actually post this to my blog. Soundiiz, is a service that allows you to extract and or import all your playlists from one streaming service to another. At first it was hard for me to believe, just on the fact of “why would any service do this?” Why would any company allow away for a customer to leave them? BUT, I also quickly realized that it is also an opportunity for these same streaming services to gain new ones.

Soundiiz has both free and paid service. I would think that most people would opt for the free. With the paid you do have some useful features such as, “splitting playlists,” “change song orders,” and “exporting playlists.” I DID NOT TRY THE PAY SERVICE! So I don’t know about the “exporting playlists.” If you’re interest, I think it would be worth it to find out whether or not the exported *.CSV file is comma delimited. It should be, but you never know. YOU CAN ONLY IMPORT PLAYLISTS NOT ALBUMS!!! However, you can get around this by painstakingly, creating a single playlist, and manually drop songs from those albums in to the new playlist. Now, just to let you know, their web service still needs work, it’s not the smoothest, and not the easiest to figure out. BUT, if you’re really tired of your old streaming service, or you just want to try out something new, without having too loose all your hard work curating all those playlist, use Soundiiz. It’s a wonderful way to try a service with as much of your music as possible. Hey guys, just a side note. Remember that not every streaming service will have the same library. Meaning, some songs may not exist in their library because of licensing. However, keep in mind that many (if not all) songs are linked to albums. So what I mean is, just because the service you’re migrating your playlist to doesn’t have a particular song from an album, doesn’t mean they don’t have the song. You’re more than likely would have to manually search again to see if they have the song you want under a different album.


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