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I found this photo of a popular Spanish group called Menudo. They were kind of like, the English equivalent of “New Kids On the Block.” All teen heart throbs back then. I don’t know I wasn’t ever really into their music. Listening to them was almost like watching Romper Room. The only song throughout their entire career I ever really liked was a song called “If You’re Not here.” That one song transformed them from young kiddies, to “I love you girl” over night! 😄😄 That song put them on the map for a very, very long time, to the point people got sick of hearing it! LOL. If I remember correctly, once the age of 15 (or something like that), that member had to leave the group, and a new kid was replaced. I was watching an interview, where the group was supposed to come together for a reunion. I don’t remember if that was supposed to be last year, or this year. Sorry… Do you know where Ricky Martin got his start? Take a guess!!!!! From left to right: Ricky, Ray, Charlie, Roy, and Robby.


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