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This handsome devil was David Bowie (1947 – 2016). He was dubbed UK’s best selling artist of all times. Throughout his career, he has sold over a whopping 140 million albums! You know, it’s interesting. People made such a big stink when Boy George emerged in the pop scene.  It really showed people’s fear of both sexuality and androgyny. However, David Bowie was gender-bending looong before Boy George came on to the scene, yet I don’t recall nearly as much “controversy.” Couldn’t it be that David Bowie was perceived more as an “act/fantasy/performer,” and George was perceived as a “Drag Queen/Cross-Dresser?” Hmmm…. Anyway, I wasn’t a huge David Bowie fan, but there were a couple of songs here and there I liked. One of my few favorites, AND the first 45 record I ever bought of David was “Let’s Dance.”


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