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You know, I can’t be the only one to think about this? Have you ever thought what it would be like if mutants were real? Like, outside of the fictitious definition of what a mutant is, or what we’ve seen on TV so far? What if Iron Man was real? If Tony Stark really existed in real life, he would need 24 hour security outside of his iron suit. Why? I think he would be constantly in danger of being kidnapped by our foreign enemies, and force him to build an army of weaponized suits against America. What do you think?

I think if given the opportunity, if Wonder Woman should ever get severely hurt by a powerful being, or terrestrial, the CIA would do every single kind of testing imaginable to discover the secret of her enormous strength. I think the government would confiscate her bracelets to discover the material it’s made out of. I think with that knowledge, instead of reproducing copies of these bracelets, they would create indestructible body armor and use it to empower our military. As far as her magic lasso, I’m not sure. Sometimes I imagine the government wouldn’t think it has any scientific value, if they view it as the “lasso of truth.” But if they knew that her lasso was also unbreakable, they would have the same amount of interest with her lasso as with her bracelets.  What do you think?

Last but not least, my very favorite mutant of all times. Ororo Munroe, also known by her code name “Storm.” She is one of the original X-Men. Although I think she is too powerful to be vulnerable, but technically, she doesn’t need her mutant powers really, because she is damn near a martial artist. She can kick-ass with or without weapons. However, like most mutants, she does have a weakness. Storm is extremely claustrophobic. Anytime she is “closed in” or encased inside anything, she goes completely buzzerk. I really wouldn’t be surprised if the government would go to the extreme of starving her to death boxed in a sound proof room. As there are people who hate mutants the fictional world, surely you wouldn’t think that none of us wouldn’t be scared shitless (especially after seeing what Magneto can do)? Therefore it is completely possible that the government would do such a thing. After storms death, they would perform decades worth of autopsy(s) on her body. I would imagine her brain would be the central focus, to figure out what part of her brain would control the weather. Her body would never be laid to rest. Every bit of her essence would be used for science. There would be nothing left. What do you think?


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