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From left to right: Keith Wilder, Mario Mantesse, Ernest Berger, Johnny Wilder, Rod Temperton and Eric Johns outside a place called the “Sands,” which if I remember correctly, it is a casino joint in Las Vegas. The band Heatwave was arguably one of the most popular bands of the 70s. These forgotten musicians have earned the right to be called legends! I feel what made Heatwave so successful, is each band member’s unique cultural and ethnic backgrounds, coming together to produce their unique sound. People don’t realize how important this group was, not just musically speaking. In a world where people still prefer to focus negatively on our differences, this ethnically diverse group came together because of their differences to create awesome music. Their signature song that put them on the map was a song called “Always And Forever,” and today is arguably the most played song at weddings and 70s parties.



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