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While we are enjoying the new movie streaming era of commercial free binge watching, there exist a new issue arising that I haven’t heard anyone address yet. That is the need for a new rating system for TV Shows. I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve noticed more and more TV shows (regardless of the subject matter) are showing more and more sex scenes. While many producers have always made the argument that “sex is a part of life, and it should be normalized… bla bla bla” something to that effect. However, my argument to you is, we’re no longer watching video at home anymore as the result of 4G. Half of Internet users spend just as much, or perhaps more time on their mobile devices than their TV, and many of these TV shows are not “mobile/public safe.” Particularly vampire and medieval TV shows appear to be concentrated with the most sex scenes (be it straight or gay now). Sex is being used to the point where in many cases it doesn’t even fit in to the movie, but they put it in there anyway. For instance, a woman is about to be viciously attack by a werewolf, and a guy breaks through a door with silver bullets and saves her. The next thing you know, before you’ve made your next eye blink, they’re already under the sheets. Now, if this was supposed to be “realistic,” this bitch was just attacked by a werewolf, having sex would be the LAST thing on a woman’s mind at that moment. That would be the “reality of it.”

Not only do many of the added sex scenes make absolutely no sense, I’ve noticed these sex scenes are getting longer and longer, and more realistic looking. In fact, some of the sex scenes are better than the rest of their acting ability. In my mind, it’s almost as though these producers are using sex in the event the movie turns out not to be that good. You know? Like if “Basic Instinct” was a bad movie, at least you’ll rent it to see Sharon Stone do her crazy sex thing. New producers must work harder to create better content with good actors, and not use special effects, CGI, and sex as a replacement for a decent script and acting. Is this what we’re reduced to? Regular movies appear to have the correct ratings on most of the movies I’ve rented. Although I do which they would expand rated “R” by adding “sex,” and “sex with violence,” so that I’m not surprised in public. TV shows are NOT marked properly. You can’t blame Netflix or any other streaming service, it’s the movie studios. Streaming companies only provide the content. I remember in the 80s-90s parents have made such a big stink over having TV ratings, so they can better manage their children. Now it seems that sex is soo normalized that no one is saying a word. Yet, these same people worry about who’s gay? Come the f*** on!


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