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Hey guys! Did you get a chance to check out Twitter’s new mobile features? This came out of nowhere! I had no idea! Well, actually, maybe I did LOL. I started to notice some slight changes to their website. Such as certain buttons took on a new shape, and the profile menu has changed as well. I like the change, the site seems more organized. However, I was thrilled with the new changes on their Android app. On your mobile, you’ll immediately notice two new extra features on the bottom of the main menu. “Night Mode,” and “QR Code.” The night feature pretty much turns the background dark, and the text more bold using the color white. It’s almost like using the “Night Mode” on your GPS. I love this look, as it makes things not only easier to read, but more comfortable on the eyes. I suggest this mode for people who are always on mobile twitter. The second feature I love is the QR code feature. This goes to show you how we’re advancing with technology. Between QR codes and Spotify’s new “Scannables,” I can see these being used A LOT for printed advertisement of new albums. I can also see these used a lot in place of business cards. All smart phone has scan capabilities. This will eliminate the need to have a pen on the go, or messing with creating a new phone book entry “on the go.” The one thing I’ve quickly noticed though, Twitter’s scanner is compatible with text, whereas Shazam can only read URLs it appears. I also notice that Twitter has one major advantage over Shazam. That advantage is, Twitter allows you to see the URL first, and asks you if it’s OK to take you there! Why is this an advantage? Because that link can have a malicious code on the other side! When Shazam scans a URL, it automatically takes you there. Kudos to Twitter!! Should always pay attention to links! If it don’t look familiar, don’t click on it! I forgot to do a “Mystery Movie,” this month. But for next month use twitter’s scanner for now on. It may not be necessary for me to always send you to a website.


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