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Wow! What can we say about actor and producer, Forest Whitaker? He’s come a long way. The first time I ever heard Forest’s name was (I believe) a movie called “The Crying Game (1992).” I also think this was his first director project as a matter of fact. That movie shocked the hell out of me. I won’t give any spoilers just in case no one as actually seen it. But there’s a character in the movie that you kind of suspect, but you weren’t sure, because our culture just wasn’t there yet I guess? I do recommend watching it, tho it drags a little bit “pardon the pun,” LOLOLOL. It does have small suspense scenes, but I think this was more of a thought provoking movie, than a “get you out of your seat” kind of movie. He has made movies ranging from “Repo Men (2010),” to playing Idi Amin in “The Last King Of Scotland (2006).” I’ve enjoyed most of his movies, although I haven’t seen “The Last King Of Scotland” yet, the reviews are insane. He is an inspiration to many actors, because he started at a time BEFORE this unbelievable pressure to be beautiful and physically attractive.


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