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Participating in an All-Star ball game from back in the day! Star of a show called “Hill Street Blues” Charlie Haid, having fun with “Facts Of Life Star” Kim Fields. I totally forgot she had braces! LOL. At the time this photo was taken in the 80s, she was at the peak of her career. To be honest, she hasn’t landed any huge acting jobs since “Facts Of Life.” Not sure if it’s because she’s been typecasted or not. However, I did think she got some noteriety for being on  a show called “Living Single,” starring along side Queen Latifah, and a few other actors. Although I didn’t watch that show much, I thought it was very funny. It was the only “all Black cast” that I can think of that closest represented the Black community, without making us look like buffoons. Kim blossomed in to a beautiful woman, sporting a blond hair these days. You go girl, not every Black woman looks good with blond hair. She really pulled it off. From the looks of it, she’s doing very well. We not? She will always be remembered as Tootie, from the cult sitcom classic “Facts Of Life.”


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