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Legendary Black martial artist Carl Scott. Unfortunately, he has fallen in to the forgotten heroes category. You know what really pisses me off?? He was probably the best Black martial artist ever to hit the movie theater, yet the movies I’ve seen him in had HORRIBLE acting, and I really think that’s what ruined it for him! Watch Carl in action on YouTube. Also check him out here, and here. It was such a disappointment that his career did not sore. I dare say that I liked him better as a martial artist (way better) than Jim Kelly. AND I LOVE ME SOME JIM KELLY!!!!!!! Which is also Ironic because, let’s be honest, Jim Kelly was just a hot sexy man for the camera. Although Jim is gone now, I NEVER saw Jim Kelly as a professional martial artist. He made his money because he was a “Lady’s man, with a gorgeous face.” However, I also started seriously thinking and realized….. Carl Scott, was THE professional martial artist, and got no real recognition, right? But since we’ve had Jim Kelly on the scene, can we actually call racism, back in the day? I mean, Carl was a Black man that could have well been Bruce Lee’s rival, IF he’d worked hard enough! Think about it, we can very well argue he could have been viewed as a threat to a lot of people, on sooo many levels. Don’t you think? Know you’re history! Beyonce, Jay-Z, Naz, Nicki Minaj or whom ever can’t give you this. What can Nicki Minaj teach you? Other than she’s got a big ass, and a foul mouth. She’s no different from any other chicken-head. “Keeping it real.” “Let’s be for real, for real.” Carl is one of our REAL heroes. You keep listening to  bullshitters. You’ll find out later just how little you know about a lot of shit.


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