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Ok, while “Album Of The Month” was a good idea at first, I decided to retire this idea. Believe me, it’s not because I don’t have any music to post! I think it’s because of a major shift music streaming has caused, especially in social media. Well actually, if we are to be honest, I think it started with iTunes. Let me explain, before digital media, our mindset was to purchase the whole album from your favorite artist! And if you didn’t necessarily like a particular artist, but you liked their one hit song, you had the option to purchase the 7″ version of the song. When CDs emerged, you usually had to buy the whole CD ’cause there wasn’t too many singles available. At that time, we needed music/album reviewers who specialized in a specific genre, ’cause nobody had money to waste buying a whole album and liked only one song. Fast forward to iTunes, we can now listen to a 1:30 minute sample (which is a lot), of each song on a new album, and buy only the song we like. So, we’re no longer thinking in terms of Albums anymore really, even though we still use the term “album.” Personally, I think we should stop using the word “album” when talking about streaming, and use “digital collections” or something like that. Because the likelihood of someone saving an entire album on their streaming service is very small now-a-days. It would prove to be way too much music to handle at some point, so we usually only save the songs we feel a connection to. In fact, I’ve read there were talks in the UK of starting a new music award category “Song Most Streamed,” and or “Shazam’d.” This made me realize that “best album” doesn’t exist anymore, it’s the song that’s important now. Hence why people share their playlists!! It’s all about the playlists now. Think if it as the equivalent of a “mixed tape.” Technically, even live radio often use pre-programmed playlists (musical line-ups). This will become more evident, as legal streaming becomes even more global. So, I will continue doing the same things I’ve been doing, just no more “Album Of The Month.” It was good for back in the day, but now, I realized it’s kind of pointless. There are so few artists where I can say I’ve liked even 60% of a whole album. I don’t want to just post an album for the sake of doing it. As a blogger, I have a responsibility to post things I genuinely enjoy. Readers who are “Seasoned Folk,” please keep in mind, when I say this, I mean in the context of “digital single downloads,” and “music streaming.” Right now, I’m working hard organizing all my music I’ve imported from Napster to Spotify. Plus, I still have cassettes and vinyls to do. It’s going to take me a while. Once I’ve finished I can start sharing playlists of my favorite songs.


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