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Most young visitors are too young to remember this woman. Perhaps you weren’t even born yet. The above is a photo of Vanessa Williams, who was a former Miss America! Winning that crown was huge for women of color all over America! However, her fame and title was short lived, when in 1984 photos of her were published in Penthouse Magazine posing nude with another woman caused a huge scandal! Vanessa was about 21 then, and expressed great shame for taking those photos. However, many people in the porn industry (mostly men) suggested that it would boost her career. It made sense that they would say that right? I don’t know if it actually boost her career, but I didn’t think it hurt it either. What really confused me was that, while the public (and the “Miss America” organization) came down on her like a ton of bricks, the reality was I lot of those same people (men) were salivating over those photos. What a bunch of Hippocrates!! In 2017, I don’t think anybody would be phased by something like this again (except if it were two men), people would go absolutely ape-shit. So many double standards, it’s the one of many annoyances we have in America.


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