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LOL I could not resist! So What does the 90’s cartoon X-Men and Lady GaGa have in common with this photo? Well, first of all, I can totally see Lady GaGa replacing actress Angelique Pettyjohn. You can’t tell me that the green hair isn’t totally GaGa. She would fit this part like a glove. Although, the dress Angelique does seem like it would be a little bit too “low key,” or too plain for GaGa. Don’t you think? LOL. Any way As far as the X-Men, you see those things around their necks? Doesn’t it remind you of when bad mutant named “Apocalypse” (I think it was him, actually he had someone else do the dirty work for him (I believe it was Mr. Sinister, look him up.)) tried to make them slaves, and put something around the X-Men’s necks, similar to what William and Angelique have on. When the-X-men wore that thing around their necks, the enemy was able to send some kind of shock (or something like that), to give them unbelievable pain. Also, it took their powers away, and they could not take them off. Almost the same thing with Star Trek.


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