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Well, it looks like traditional internet ads & banners are no longer working to attract revenue. I think people are really getting tired of them. I know that’s true for me personally. Many companies have resorted to using web programs to block you from using their site, if you have an active ad blocker. I’ve never visited a site where I felt they had valuable enough information for me to turn off my blocker. Problem is, you just never know whether that ad is a malicious code or not. I just avoid those kinds of sites altogether. I guess when you’ve been using computers for as long as some of us have, you really do get sick of them. So, I brought this up because I heard on the radio not too long ago, that a lot of business are going back to traditional mail. Companies are really desperate to drum up any business.

Having said that, I was seriously wondering…. Since it is perfectly legal for retail and other business to sell your contact information, are we at the point where we need two telephones#? Or possibly start giving fake addresses just so we don’t have to deal with the mountain of accumulated spam mail? Most times we don’t have a choice, we got to give our contact information. How do we as citizens handle this growing problem? I already pay for streaming service just so that I don’t have to deal with ads, because they push out more than I’m willing to accept. But now, against our will, we’ll start getting all kind of nonsense via regular snail. We really need to be on our P’s and Q’s, ’cause you’ve heard what’s going on with these “tax scams,” and these fake “law enforcement fundraisers.” Pretty soon, we’ll start seeing ads float across our windowsill. The bad part is, they’re calling our cellphones for crying out loud! I think a genius mind should develop a technology were all known telemarketing numbers should be automatically routed somewhere else.


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