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Hi guys, hope my readers are doing well. Great news, I have finally finished importing all my music from Napster to Spotify. I couldn’t believe that sh*t took me more than two weeks to sort out. LOLOL.. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t difficult, it was just the sheer volume of music I have saved. I still need to find time to Shazam my cassettes, but at least I’ve organized my playlist to a manageable level. I have to be honest, among other things, I really miss Napster’s live radio, user music compatibility level, and being able to permanently disable my listening activity 😩😡. However, I’m not sorry I’ve changed to Spotify. I’m blown away by the significant improvements, bug fixes, and features added, within a year+ since I’ve tried it. They must have had a lot of huge investors to be able to triple their customers in such a short period of time. The one thing I really like about Spotify I forgot to mention from before, I can download and mix my non-spotify music via Wi-Fi. I was very happy about that, cause I didn’t need two extra software to make it work, everything was already integrated. I’ve complained about that to Napster during the whole 5 years I was a customer….. Nothing…. Again, I’m almost positive that the record labels wanted more money to do that, and Napster simply said… No… LOL….

So, I’ll start creating hand picked playlists. This will be fun because literally there is a song for every theme you can think of. It’s almost like creating your own compilation CD. The other beautify about playlists is that all the music I select I genuinely love, and have taken the time to share it with my readers. By the way, most other streaming services like iTunes also allow you to share playlists. However, just as a recommendation, if you decide to share playlists, keep it simple…. I’ve seen these mega lists that include upward of 600 songs. I’ve seen one with 1,000 songs. People, this is too much consumption at one time. Don’t be an idiot. When I see a playlist that big, that tells me two things, either that person was high on weed and took absolutely no care in making the playlist, or they were just too damn lazy. My opinion, a playlist should be in the range of 10-20 songs, but don’t exceed 30 (or 3 hours). Other wise, the average person would not bother, unless they are high like you; and if that is the case, they would be too high to actually listening to it anyway. Please make sure you’re telling your friends about my blog. Very few people are doing what I’m doing. So help those who are truly interested find me. Thank you.


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