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So, “The Defenders” are almost here. A Netflix rep has confirmed for me that it will be out in the next couple of months. In my opinion this is huge, really huge. Let me tell you why I think so. As much as Amazon raves about their “Prime’s original content,” and perhaps both, Hulu and even Crackle to some extent, who also boasts about their “original content,” none of them pull in box office stars they way Netflix does. I was shocked to discover that Sigourney Weaver will appear on the first season of “The Defenders.” Guys, the trailers look REALLY good. It’s action packed! It also feels like they’re doing the “Flash” thing, were you have all these spin-offs like DC Legends, Arrow, etc. I really do hate that, because sometimes there are scenes that you may not fully understand, unless you’ve been watching the other shows. However, the Netflix rep said it shouldn’t be like that for “The Defenders.” But in reality, I’m sure he doesn’t know either; he’s going to be finding out things in the same way all of us are.

So, I interpret “The Defenders,” as a getto street version of “The Justice League.” Don’t get offended by that, cause if you’ve watched Luke Cage and Jessica Jones series, you’d understand exactly what I’m talking about. It’s within context, trust me. Now, they’re bringing in the gorgeous Mike Colter who plays Luke Cage, aka Power Man, Finn Jones who plays Danny Rand, aka Iron Fist, Charlie Cox as Mathew Murdock, aka Daredevil, and Krysten Ritter as Jessica Jones, aka Jewel, also been known as “Power Woman,” probably because of her relationship with Luke Cage (obviously). I have to be honest, I was not happy to see Jessica back, because I feel they made her character to lame and emotionally vulnerable. I’m hoping that since she is surrounded with action superheros, that she’ll finally get herself together and kick some evil butt!!

Before I close this article, I’ve made note of something I find interesting. I’ve noticed that they never address the characters as their aliases. However, Danny Rand in a round about way called himself the Iron First. Maybe this is because it appears this is the beginning stage of their superhero lives? But I remember in Luke Cage’s series, they gave us a glimpse of his past, showing his Power Man costume (well, the metal headband at least). I’m really confused! I’m also confused because at the end of Luke’s first season, they’ve showed a boxing establishment in such away, I’ve made a logical assumption that this is how Luke Cage and Iron First are going meet. But what would a master fighter like Iron Fist be involved in boxing? I don’t know, but that looked like a huge clue to something, and I have no idea what it is! I’m eagerly awaiting on the first new season of Netflix’s “The Defenders.” If you want to take a peak, here is are a couple of trailers. Trailer one, and Trailer 2.


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