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Hi guys, I finally finished watching season one of the Netflix original “Iron Fist (2017).” Let me first say that I have mixed feeling about this show. Although IMDB users rated it at 7.0, and RT gave it a 77% rating; I think had it not been for the special effects, I probably would not have bothered to watch it. Now, it’s not that their acting was bad or anything, however, I do think that their were too man story lines in this series that where dragged out for too long. Not only that, the Danny Rand character, played by Finn Jones, was far too impressionable, hot tempered and appears to always be indecisive, having been raised by monks. Then again, maybe this is because he was still a child when the monks found him, so technically, he had no contact with the outside world until he was an adult and left his sanctuary.

Now, there is just too many things going on in the show to explain in one post, so I’ll just give you the quickest run down possible. Danny Rand and his very rich mother and father were on a private jet. The jet malfunctioned and eventually crashed. Danny was the only one that survived the crash. Monks found him, took care of him, and taught him the ways of the monks. Now, I guess through “spiritual guidance” or whatever, Danny became “the chosen one,” and was bestowed the gift of “The Iron Fist,” which I guess makes his glowing right fist indestructible. I find it rather odd, to have an “Iron Fist,” yet the rest of his body is vulnerable. Hmmmm. Fast forward, upon the monks displeasure, Danny decides to go to NYC to find answers. He discovers in essence, his father’s friend, Harold Meachum, played by David Wenham, stole his father’s company right from under his nose, and the father’s friend was actually responsible for his death. There’s also another twist. There is an organization that appears to be mafia like in nature, called “The Hand,” (a woman by the name of Madame Gao, played by Wai Ching Ho (above)  seemed to be the head honcho, now I’m not sure) played a huge part in it. They wanted to use “Rand Industries,” to transport drugs. “The Hand” has given Harold some special kind of drug that gave him vampire like status. In other words, he couldn’t die. Well, so he thought. However, the side effect of the drug was, each time he came back to life, he became more violent and insane each time.

Danny spent so much of his time trying to prove who he was, and that he’s the sole rightful heir to the company. He eventually find friends to help him fight the corrupt “Hand” and prove his identity. Now, although I really love the action, and some real cool special effects, this reminds me a lot of watching Jessica Jones in a way, were this guy can’t control his emotions. He was raised by monks, no way should he be that out of control! And what make it worse, of course you know they had to make him fall in love with a woman that eventually betrayed him; and happened to be involved in the whole Hand business. The other thing is that, he does get a lot of visions, too much for him to handle; and sometimes I really wonder if his “Iron Fist” and the Hand are connected some how. I’ve already started watching the first episode of the “Defenders.” So far, so good. I do feel that the “Defenders,” may actually be a continuation to “Iron Fist.” I feel this because Alexandra, played by Sigourney Weaver, is sick with some form of cancer, and will use her money to gain access to a powerful drug to save her life. It may be the same drug that Harold was given. And if my hunch is right, the city will see an evil like none they’ve seen before. By the way, the first episode ended with earthquakes. Yikes!!!!


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