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As I’ve expected guys, this show is worth seeing. Although the first season is only 8 episodes long, it was worth watching every single episode. I was so concerned that they would continue to “drag out,” their boring character flaws in our heroes. However, after completely watching The Defenders, I realized that I found a much greater appreciation for those flaws now. What changed my mind? Well, seeing all of them together I realized there was a strong message. The show showed something deep that is rarely seen in “big budget superhero movies (if any at all),” which is a human side. Now, don’t get me wrong, I think the last couple X-Men movies have done this well, but, with The Defenders, they weren’t just bigger than life “superheroes,” they were the average person who you can just pass by walking in the street and say hello. You know what I mean? For instance, Power Man is definitely the “big brother (pardon the pun)” of the four. Danny is that impatience 21 year old who thinks that he can solve all his problems by destroying things with his fist. Jessica the typical tomboy (and a drunk) who will dare any man to say she can’t do something. Then you got the Dare Devil, aka Mathew, although he’s a skilled fighter as a blind man, he was still forced to trust 3 total strangers convincing him to help to them take down the criminal organization trying to destroy New York City. When you think about it, their characters sort of represents the mixture of people we have here in NYC. Although the show is AWESOME like I said, I really do recommend that (if you haven’t already) go back and watch the 4 heroes shows separate, before you watch The Defenders. I think it would make more of an impact, if you understand their backstory. So you’ll need to watch Jessica Jones, Dare Devil, Power Man, and Iron Fist.

There is much too much stories to tell, so I’ll try to only discuss the most major points of the  show. So, the evil organization is called “The Hand.” Long story short, as I suspected, they’re some kind of ancient monks (which includes Sigourney Weaver) who have managed to live thousands of years. However, they were able to do so through some kind of substance, that was unfortunately buried deep in the earth. The only person that can help them get access to that was “The Iron Fist,” aka Danny Rand. Without this substance, they will die. This is the core story of this season; however, in between that, there is a web of deception, lies, shocking surprises, and “what the fuck” moments, that are all good! Actually there’s one more major thing I should mention. They had the power to bring people back from the dead. They brought back an old crime fighter named Electra. Although she was playing the villain (she was programed), she kicked ass in this show!! Problem? That was Dare Devil’s old girlfriend! So of course, he has feelings for her, and felt he can get through to her, and damn near got everybody killed.

I’m not sure why, when it comes to these superhero movies/TV shows, that it almost seems mandatory that there has to be a “girlfriend,” not even a wife, a “girlfriend.” Why is this a problem? Because they almost always windup being a downfall, or a weakness in having one. You know what I mean? For instance, if Electra was his wife, he probably would have got her help or something, or locked her away until “she got well.” But girlfriends are different, they windup getting killed, or someone else killed. That’s just how I see it. Finally before I close; I’d like to say that although Jessica’s show aggravated the hell out of me, she didn’t disappoint me in The Defenders. She wasn’t a skilled fighter, but she kicked enough butt that I was totally satisfied she finally kicked some ass; ’cause on her series she didn’t do shit to be honest. I was soooooo happy to see some action from her finally.




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