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The history that is available on streaming now is just jaw dropping! I know that most true music collectors (or I should say antique music collectors) would have immediately jumped at the chance to buy this original; especially just because of this era that it came from. In fact, they probably would have put a frown on their face, if they saw this on Spotify. However, as I’ve always said, in essence Spotify is a poor man’s musical gift. I love Bessie Smith, because she had a power in her voice that demanded attention. But then again, I know the level of racism our ancestors felt at the time, allowed them to release that pain through their voices. This song is called “Alexander’s Ragtime Band,” produced in circa 1927. Her voice really gave me a vision of her surroundings and culture. Not having the luxury of television or the internet, a band coming to town was a huge event! I can just imagine all the young kids running like maniacs, yelling, telling everyone that the band is coming, and get ready. That rare moment in time you can forget about your troubles just for a moment. Listen on Spotify mobile. Click here for web player.

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