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You know, I’m always concerned when I hear any streaming service decides to raise their membership prices. It somehow reminds me of the battle between the cable companies and the greedy wolves of the movie industry. My other concern is, you never know if members decide that the price is to high, and go back to illegal downloading. However, I had to give credit where credit is due. Netflix has spent millions and millions of dollars on their original content, such as “The Defenders,” “House Of Cards,” and “Stranger Things.” Personally, I feel that all that money was well spent. They are really giving Amazon a run for their money. But, in addition to original content, they’ve also managed to pull in more block buster movies such as “Sing,” and “A Xmas Horror Story.” Also TV shows such as “Gothom,” and “The Walking Dead.” Netflix’s quality of movies are now one step above Amazon. So, let’s see what happens. I assume the streaming will only go up a dollar. Who knows? Their streaming service may improve so much, we may not need the DVD/Blu-ray portion anymore. Unfortunately, as I’ve mentioned many times before, the licensing costs determines your content. At this point, I’m surprised Netflix didn’t start doing what HULU did, which is offer ShowTime add-ons. I think that can still happen eventually.


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