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Take It To The Limit” by the Eagles, is such a beautiful song. Then again, the Eagles are legendary for making great music. So many bands tried to imitate their sound, such as “Chicago,” “Ambrossa,” and “Alabama,” just to name a few. In fact, a lot of their music sounded so much alike, I used to get confused as to which band sang what. Personally speaking, as a fan, it was very frustrating, because it made going to the record store that much harder! Now we have Shazam, so those issues are a thing of the past (well almost). The lyrics talk about a subject I seldom hear str8 men talk about. Which is running around being self absorbed with personal desires, while wondering if a/or any woman around him had actually loved him. Some deep sh*t. I think the blunt and raw honesty of the lyrics is what also makes this song so beautiful. Check this classic out on Spotify!

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