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This song was the sh** back in the day. You young kids don’t know nothing about club music. From their album titled “Foundation,” published in 1989; the song called “That’s the way love is,” was given to the radio DJ’s. The rest was history. 10 City’s new song reached #1, and stayed on the top 100 for 12 weeks. Ooooh, we used to dance our *sses of to this song. Byron Stingily’s falsetto was freakin’ amazing! Very rare do you hear male performers who can project their voices like that. Lots of heavy base, and constant danceable beats. This musical sensation was a mixture of R&B and house mixed together. Another amazing favorite of mine from the same album is called “Devotion,” and it hit #17, and stayed on the charts for about 9 weeks. Now, there have been other hits, however, none had the same success and popularity as the two songs I’ve mentioned. I’m not sure if they’re still performing, but I really wished they’d stayed on the path of club music. I really wasn’t feeling their slow jams 🙁 You know what? Let me change that! Maybe it wasn’t a matter of whether or not their slow jams were good; it may have been the fact that they’ve mixed hard hitting club music; then changed the mood to almost slow dancing type rhythms on the same album. I hate that!!!


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