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In January 1984, one of my favorite British rock groups, The Eurythmics, released a song called “Here Comes The Rain Again,” from the album called “Touch.” By March of 1984 the song hit #4 on the top 100 charts, and stayed there for 20 weeks! It’s such a strange and unique song; not a club song, yet it’s sort of danceable at the same time. It also feels like it could have been a theme song to a modern Medieval type movie. Definitely, this song was beating up the radio waves. The Eurythmics are made up of Annie Lennox and David A. Stewart. If I remember correctly, I know David has been after Annie to marry him for the longest time. I wonder what came of that? I guess I can understand Annie in a way. Many people have a rule that, they don’t marry or date people they work with (and I totally agree).

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