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Today, I thought I would change gears and share some Latin Jazz. I’d like to share an artist with you named Cal Tjader. Tjader was a Latin jazz composer, and his choice of instrument was usually the vibraphone. His piece called “Soul Sauce,” on the album “Soul Sauce,” reached #52 on the top 200 Billboard, and stayed on the charts for 22 weeks. This composition is composed of so many different cultures, that technically this piece can be placed in a number of Latin/Cuban categories. However, with a name like “Soul Sauce,” you’d think that it would make you move your body; but in fact the piece is very mellow; almost like listening to “dinner music.” It is enjoyable though. In the 70s, this type of music would be considered “elevator music.” Yes, many business actually had either per-recorded music, or the radio playing through speakers in an elevator. Copyrights destroyed all that unfortunately. LOL

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