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Awh! What a cute couple right? NOT……… It’s amazing…. How they were able to put out an image of being this awesome couple, yet the reality was, Ike was an absolute monster! Having said that, I also feel that it’s also so ironic that a song like “Bold Soul Sister,” gives us a clear impression that she’s in control. With lyrics such as “I do what I wanna do,” and a mean funk beat, we’d think that life could not be any better for her. I also made not of similarities of how close she came to mimicking the late legendary James Brown. The song peaked @ #59, and stayed on the charts for 8 weeks. On the same album, there’s a song that was written by the late Otis Redding and Jerry butler in 1965, and performed by the late Otis called “I’ve Been Loving You Too long.” Now, I absolutely LOVE Otis Redding’s music, however I have to say I like Tina’s interpretation of “I’ve Been Loving You Too Long” slightly better. She really sang that song from deep, deep down inside. It’s very possible all the pain and turmoil she had dealt with, concerning her late husband Ike, came through this song. On the American Billboards, it hit #68, and stayed on the top 100 for 7 weeks.


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