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Here is a rare classic by The Pointer Sisters! “Yes We Can Can,” was a hot soulful, funk charged mix of positive energy. It’s a song about encouraging us to treat each other with respect. One way to get a political message across Black people in the 70s, was to put it to danceable music! The song hit #11 on the Top 100 Billboard. It was originally written and performed by Lee Dorsey in 1970. However, it was originally called “Yes We Can.” It is my understanding that The Pointer Sisters, recorded this as a demo in order to get a record deal. I wise decision that turned out to be. The Pointer Sisters consist of lead singer, Anita Pointer, Ruth Pointer, Bonnie Pointer and June Pointer. Sadly, the youngest member of the group, June Pointer died on April of 2006, at the age of 52 from cancer. The sisters have had a long career with huge hits such as, “I’m So Excited,” from the sound track “Beverly Hills Cop II (1987),” and “Neutron Dance,” from the sound track “Beverly Hills Cop (1984),” and many, many more…

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