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Sheila E. was (and still is), one of my most favorite female performers of the 80s. Sheila is unbelievably talented! She is like (what I call) a hip hop version of country singer Barbra Mandrell; in that it appears she can play every instrument you can think of. Most people know Sheila as being a drum player; however, she’s also a guitarist, and master percussionist. Although I first learned of Sheila in the 80s, she actually started her career about 1974-1975 in a group called “The George Duke Band.” Then her career skyrocketed once she met Prince. Prince wrote a song for her album “Romance 1600” called “A Love Bizarre (1985),” and it is one of the most unique songs I’ve ever heard, yet it is unmistakably a Prince song. ” The song shot up to #11, and stayed on the Top 100 for about 23 weeks. This song was one of two mega hits that defined her image and career. The second one was a song called “The Glamorous life,” from her album “The Glamorous Life (1984).” Sheila, who’s now almost 60 years of age, still looks amazing, and still beating the hell out of those drums.

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