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You know, one of the main things that makes what I do so fun, is that rummaging through my old collections is kind of like looking through an old family photo album, and saying “wooooaaaaahhh!! That’s old!” LOL. Then, you’re sharing a piece of your history with friends, and they learn something they would have never known otherwise…. Since the time I was aware of Tony Orlando, I’ve never known him to sing anything other than mushy love songs and ballads. So, I totally forgotten about a disco record he recorded called “Don’t Let go,” in 1978. What’s nice about this song is, he didn’t change his style of singing; he still maintained that “Tony Orlando” we knew. It’s actually a pretty good record, and I think had the tempo been a little more faster, it would have been the kind of music you would have heard @ Studio 54 back in the day. From this same compilation, I recommend also checking out this instrumental disco version “Love Hangover,” by Touch. As you may remember, this song was also done by the legendary Diana Ross; this was one of her many monster cult classics. Two of the best songs from this album.

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