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Many of my long time readers my know, I adore Bette Midler. I think she is an incredibly talented actress and singer. She has done both film and Broadway, both comedy and serious roles. She’s done it all. One of my most favorite songs of all-time by Bette, is a song she has re-interpreted called “Do You Want To Dance,” and it was released in 1972. The song was originally written and performed by legendary Bobby Freeman in 1958. Out of all the many versions, in my opinion, Bette’s re-interpretation of the song is best. Although I still love Bobby’s original version; maybe I shouldn’t compare them, because technically the two of them are very different. Bobby’s version was meant to rock the dance floor, whereas Bette’s version is more for a romantic and private evening with her man. It blows my mind how an artist can take the same exact song, and transform it in to not only something entirely different, but change the entire mood too. Amazing!!!!

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