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LOL, I keep forgetting which one is James/Bobby, but the guy on the right cracks me up, because for whatever reason, he reminds me of Jay-Z. Don’t they look like they could be related some how? 🤣 Anyhow, James and Bobby Purity really hit it big with their hit “I’m Your Puppet (1966).” The song peaked at #6 on the American Billboard’s Top 100, and stayed on the charts for 14 weeks. Growing up, I remembered just about every Black household playing this record. Everybody bopped their heads to this song. In fact, you know what? They reminded me a lot of the duo “Sam & Dave.” The only difference is Sam & Dave did a lot more soulful ballads I think. Definitely a good choice for any seventies party! Another hit you should check out from this same album is called “Let Love Come Between Us (1967),” which was another huge hit for them. Although this song only peaked at #23, it’s still a great song.

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