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Wow, another great group forgotten about. In 1967, Ritchie Cordell written a song called “I Think We’re Alone Now” for the group Tommy James & The Shondells. The song was an instant hit, reaching #4 on the Top 100 chart! But then, a 16 year old Tiffany reinterpreted their song “I Think We’re Alone Now” in 1987, and it shot to #1 and stayed on the Top 100 for 24 weeks. Now, believe it or not, I really liked Tiffany’s version a lot. It’s one of those “innocent, teenage love songs.” However, one pattern I’ve seen time and time again with music labels. It seemed as though, each time they wanted to “promote new talent,” they often have them sing songs that were already hits!  I always have to question myself, if you always have to sing someone else’s hits (as a new up and coming artist), are you really talented? Fortunately for Tiffany I think she was. But at the same time, this is why parents should get involved and expose their children to different music. ‘Cause while they think they’re listening to “new stuff,” in reality much of them are recycled. Tommy James & The Shondells also has a few more favorites of mine you may remember, “Crimson and Clover,” and “Crystal Blue Persuasion.”

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