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Unless you were a club head back in the 80s, a good majority of you are not going to know this group. This here, is a CLASSIC in regards to club music. And happens to be one of my favorites from the 80s club era. The group is called FFWD; and it cleverly stands for the following group members; Thomas Fehlmann, Robert Fripp, Kris Weston, and Dr. Alex Paterson (in that order). In 1987, they released a unique song under the “Criminal Records” music label called “Baby Don’t Go.” This was huge in the clubs back in the day. I can’t believe that this song has less then a thousand plays on Spotify. I’m telling you guys, we’re losing our musical history. I’m so sad about this. I can barely find any information on the record label, I’m starting to think it’s been defunct. However, on Discogs, there is a list of much of their old club/freestyle vinyls if you’re interested. I’m guessing FFWD had separated, because the last album release I could find was 1994.

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