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Hello oldies family! I have a really nice classic for you tonight. The artist’s name is King Curtis, and the song “Memphis Soul Stew.” Memphis Soul Stew was released in 1967, and although its highest peak was only #33 on the charts, the song will still make you move your feet. I remember hearing this a lot on the radio as a kid. It has a smooth sound, and is one of those easy songs you can dance to that doesn’t require you to breakout in a sweat. In Kurtis’s short life, he wore many hats; he was a record producer, composer, music director, and played many instruments. At the moment, I can’t recall of King having any #1s, however, I think it’s safe to say that he was most remembered for “Memphis Soul Stew.” Oh, yeah, King also reinterpreted an instrumental version of one of my old favorites that didn’t get much attention. The song was called “Groove Me,” and I really do recommend you check it out. Today it would be considered “Modern Jazz.” Originally song was performed by King Floyd.

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