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You know, I have to be honest, I was never really a huge fan of Jermaine Jackson’s music. There were really only 3 songs I liked from him. The first song was called, “Let’s Be Young Tonight,” recorded in 1976 under the Tamla Motown (UK) label. This was one of my top favorite disco songs from that year. Its highest peak was #19 on the R&B charts. Very few disco songs do I consider a romantic song. This record was perfect to play while out on a honeymoon night. Back from that, the only two other songs that came after I really liked were the following, “Let’s Get Serious,” which is a groovy funk type song that peaked @ #9 on the charts; and then there’s “Do What You Do,” another very popular song in 1985 that peaked @ #14. For you Jermaine Jackson fans out there, check out Jermaine Jackson’s – Dynamite Videos on DVD on Amazon.

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