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Boy, it seems I’ve been on a Motown kick for the last two-three weeks. Well, I guess why not? They’ve made some awesome music during the time of their reign. Today, I’d like to write about one of my favorite songs from Brenda Holloway called “Every Little Bit Hurts,” released in 1964. This song peaked @ #3 on the R&B charts, and stayed relevant for 14 weeks. This song was HUGE in the early 60s, yet now it’s considered a forgotten gem. I absolutely love the dramatic music composition, and Brenda delivered the emotion of this song superbly. Aretha Franklin recorded a nice version of this song. Well, then again, almost everything Aretha sings was on point back in the day. Alicia Keys also recorded a nice version, however, all I can find is the live version. I know she has a studio version because I saw the video for it. It must be that good o’l copyright license bullsh** shutting Alicia down. It’s a shame cause I really liked her version too. 🙁 On a lighter note, check out Motown: The DVD from Amazon. It’s a DVD of performances from legendary Motown artists, which includes Brenda Holloway.

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