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Wow, I didn’t realize how long it’s been since I’ve shared a calypso gem. But then again, there are millions and millions of classics, we can’t possibly post them all (and I wouldn’t try LOL). I have a good one for you tonight! The artist’s name is Scrunter (goodness, I don’t understand why any artist would give themselves that name), and the song is called “Woman On The Bass.” This was a 12 inch single album released in 1980, under Keynote Records. However, Spotify has the shorter version, but it’s the original (which is most important). When I was a little, every get-together my family had, this song was played. It was almost mandatory LOL. This calypso brought back so much memories for me, it’s ridiculous! This album was played at least 3 times before the party was over. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any real information about this artist to share with you, other than the fact that he was born in Trinidad. Such a disappointment! His music is all over YouTube, and absolutely no text as to how he contributed to calypso music. Not even Wikipedia (well, I did find one, but it appeared to be in French). Damn..

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