I am the proud owner of 2 blogs. The first is called VintageNewscast. The primary purpose for this blog is to help my visitors rediscover rare & perhaps out of print classic music and film on digital format; the kinds of music & film that usually are NOT promoted in the digital realm! This includes most internet radio, “On Demand” audio/video streaming services, printed magazines and advertisements for DVD’s and Blu-Rays, and online entertainment (especially non-collector) stores. My blog is about cultural diversity! So, if you’re expecting to see only one type of music or movies here, this is NOT the blog site for you! :-) I am one of the very few multicultural bloggers of color to own one of the most diverse classic music/movie blogs in cyberspace. Here, you will see many genres of music and movies from 1995-ish and older. I also try to keep my fans/visitors informed as to the direction of music and film within digital technology.

The second blog is called ShadesOfSepia. My goal there is to capture history, culture & our community through my camera lens. In essence ShadesOfSepia will serve as my photographic diary; telling stories of New York City with my camera; taking photographs all over; sharing subjects I find to have beauty, or of special quality. Creating an historical archive of the people of New York City. I also like to share my photographic art, mostly derived from my photo taking. I am attracted to many different types of photography, and I hope you enjoy my photographs. Please don’t forget to bookmark both my sites. I think you will grow to enjoy and love them both; as I work hard to give you the best content not seen anywhere else. Thank you!

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Here’s a cute photo of a very young Whoopi Goldburg. This was at the height of her career, with movies such as “Jumping Jack Flash (1986),” and “Ghost (1990).” Along side Whoopii is R&B sensation and Grammy nominee Freddie Jackson. Some of his popular hits were “You are My Lady (1986),” and “Rock Me Tonight (1986).” Both hanging out, chillin’.

Does anyone remember a very talented reggae artist by the name of Hortense Ellis? She is the sister of legendary Alton Ellis. Interesting fact, her and her brother often toured together early in her career; they’ve also compiled an album together. One of my favorites on this album was called “Willow Tree (1977).” This was actually a very popular song, and have been song by many many artists. Hortense got her break after numerous performances on a television talent show in Jamaica. The show eventually earned her a silver cup in 1964; and was dubbed Jamaica’s best female vocalist. She continued to perform in talent competitions and won more awards and accolades.

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There’s a beautiful classic American song she reinterpreted, and I think it’s absolutely beautiful how she sang it. It’s called “Down The Aisle,” Released in 1978, under Gordon Records. If you listen close, you’ll realize this is the same song song by American singer, the legendary Patti Labelle in 1967!! If you’re going to redo someone’s song, the oldies have always been the best!! Hortense enjoyed a very successful music career, until the late 1980s when her health started to decline. In 2000, she past away of some kind serious stomach infection.

Son of Jewish business man Sy Kravitz, and the very famous actress Roxie Roker (you may remember from the hit 70s TV show “The Jeffersons”); this morning’s artist is none-other than the legendary Lenny Kravitz. Damn, he was handsome back in the day! LOL. Lenny Kravitz is successful singer, songwriter, producer, and some say “actor.” And I’ve used quotes because I never thought of him as an actor, because the little films I saw him in were more like cameo appearances. Kravitz is also another one of those talented performers, where his music is almost impossible to categorize. It seems as tho he incorporates elements of every major genre & style into every song. However, tonight’s song falls in to the category of R&B. My all time favorite from Lenny is a song called “It Aint Over ‘Til It’s Over,” from the album  “Mama Said,” released in 1991 under Virgin Records. Oh my goodness! I thought this was one of the most beautiful and romantic new songs from a male performer at the time. Everything including the music was well composed. I also love the fact there was an old school element to the song’s melody. I actually searched for months thinking it was a remake, but as it turned out, it was all Kravitz. The song hit #2 on the billboards and stayed relevant for 19 weeks.

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Lenny has been performing since the very late 80s. He was married to actress Lisa Bonet, and they both had daughter together named Zoe. They later divorced, and I was soo happy after that!! LOL. I know some of you may think I’m mean but…. Have you guys seen her lately? Oh my goodness!! I’m telling you guys, she looks awful!! Go here and see for yourself guys. I am almost positive she is abusing drugs; she has that “look” that many heavy “users” have. I’ve sift through too many photos to be wrong about that. Granted, I couldn’t find any proof that she is/was on it, but that’s not good when both your ex and daughter look healthier than you do. Just sayin’. I just saw an article that she’s reportedly a “vegan.” Maybe she’s not consuming enough protein, because sometimes she looks emaciated. But, I still say something is going on with her. Shucks, Lenny still looks hot for his age (53).

France Joli was one of many disco dance queens that ruled the 80s. Hands down, she was one of my favorite singers from that era and genre. Joli was born in Quebec, in 1963. She started her musical career at the age of 6, doing all kinds of commercials, talent shows, and TV appearances. Joli got her big break, when she performed a concert in New York City. To my understanding, in 1979, she was a replacement for Donna Summer that night. She sang a song called “Come To Me,” which was already released that year under Prelude Records. That concert gave her song the exposure it needed. The song became popular enough to hit the billboard music charts, and eventually peaked at #15, and stayed on the charts for about 3-4 weeks. To this day, this song remains to be one of my favorite disco songs from her. I love how it starts off really really slow, and by the time you get to the middle of the record, it’s full on disco! In 1981, Joli would release another favorite of mine called “Gonna Get Over You,” under a company called Unidisc Music Inc. The song reached #2 on the American Billboard Charts, and stayed on the charts for a whopping 17 weeks.

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This little Canadian lady had a talent for disco that rivaled others. Joli, now 54 is still performing! In fact, she’s performing in Westbury New York this December. More tour dates for 2018 is TBA. She’s had many many other hits through out her career, and there’s no doubt in my mind that you’ll love her just like I did. Check out her Greatest Hits album. You’re gonna love it.

Damn! Ever since I started my web project, and each time I go through my memories, I’m dumbfounded as to just how much music culture I’ve lived though. Once you start doing research on these beloved music artist, you really get an eye opening sense of just how much time has gone by. This morning’s artist is about MC Hammer. He was an amazing rapper, dancer, and all around talented performer. Such a shame that he is not on the mind of many classic lovers, because I feel that his story was one that should not be forgotten. With his smash hip-hop dance hit called “U Can’t Touch This,” released in 1990, Hammer set a new standard on how hip-hop artist would perform going forward. Hammer’s performances were electrifying! Tons of energy, and fun to watch! Hammer was so popular, I can’t even watch this episode of Family Guy, without having flashbacks of his performances. If you didn’t laugh at that episode, you must have been living under a rock.

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Along with Hammer’s success being in the limelight, so was his failures as well. You see, unbeknown to Hammer, he would experience the worst public embarrassment of his life. In the beginning of the 90s, Hammer’s estimated worth was over 33+ million dollars. But after just 5 years of performing, Hammer found himself over 13+ million dollars in debt. In 1996, Hammer finally filed for bankruptcy. When I saw this on the news, I was thinking to myself, how the f**k could this even be possible? I kept thinking, if I was worth 33 million dollars, trust and believe, every single bill I had would have been paid first! Shortly after he filed for bankruptcy, I remember he did a frank television interview. He explained that bottom line it was money management. However, the problem wasn’t even about money being spent on himself, almost all his money was spent on other people. All the crowds of dancers, expensive houses for his family, wardrobe, etc, etc. But for me, I know what must have been the real kick in the balls, was the fact that once all his money depleted, so was his friends! I remember him explaining that almost everyone in his life during his music success literally disowned him. The man that changed the face of hip-hop forever, was quickly forgotten in less than a year after his filing. A few years back, I accidentally discovered a YouTube video of Hammer doing internet marketing. Well kids, what was the takeaway of this post? Be careful of the company you keep!


I just have one question? What the hell happened to Tevin Campbell? I haven’t heard anything from this b*tch in ages! First off, for those who never heard of him before, he was and still is one of the very few male voices in music, that has the widest vocal range! Let me tell you, he is one of the very very few artist I consider to have one of the best voices in music entertainment. Now at age 41 he still maintained that golden voice! I became a huge fan of his music the first time I heard his song “Can We Talk,” released  in 1993 under Warner Brothers Records. This particular song is on the album titled “I’m Ready,” and it seems like it was almost entirely produced by Babyface. I’m not going to lie, I laughed at this song at first, because there was an instrument on this song (and don’t know what it’s called), that sounded like water coming down from a leaky pipe in a bathroom. But when I heard his voice……. I was done… I became a fan from that day on. The song peaked @ #9 on the billboards, and sold a little over a half a million copies. The song was nominated for best R&B song of the year.

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The “I’m Ready” album was one of those very few albums I can honestly say I liked all the songs. With Banging songs like “Don’t Say Goodbye,” and “I’m Ready,” he was not playing around. Tevin’s parents must have musically trained him as a kid, because by the time he came out with his first album, his voice sounded like a veteran. Like a said, very few males have the kind of range and control of their voices the way he did, and still does. “Tell Me What You Want Me To Do,” was another fierce song I loved. So many of the songs Tevin were singing seemed so beyond his years, but then again, the average child didn’t have his voice either. Tevin released a single last year called “Safer On The Ground,” which I like a lot, but you can’t help but acknowledge that it is a 180° turn from the music we were used to hearing from him.  Although I like this song, it didn’t appear to hit anywhere in the charts. To my understanding Tevin is doing well today, and has even done some Broadway.


I was sifting through my old album collection and found the above album. Kraftwerk is actually a German music group that has created probably one of the most popular (globally) hit record ever made! The song is called “Trans Europe Express,” released in 1977, under Kling Klang Records. Now, I’d like to share with you something interesting about the song “Trans Europe Express.” It is very interesting that according to the American Billboard, the song only peaked at #119 on the Top 200 chart.  Personally I thought it was quite shocking, because considering its popularity, I’d think it would be number #1. The beat to this song has been sampled on some of the most recognizable hit hip hop songs, including Afrika Bambaataa’s smash “Planet Rock.” The only explanation I can think of for such a low position, is that it must have been a massive hit underground, and it is more than likely we didn’t have a category for it. Which proves my point again, not everything is about the numbers!

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No doubt this group is eccentric. I’ve listened to other music from Germany before in the past, and Kraftwerk sounded nothing like the German music I’ve heard. Their music seems to be more of an experimental variety. In fact, a lot of their music sounds like old 70s Sci-Fi scores. Altogether, they’ve made about 7-8 albums, as far as I can tell, they only had one major successful hit which was “Trans Europe Express.” Well, at least in America anyway. Often times it’s really difficult to research music charts around the world. Either the information is just not available, or IPs from the US are blocked. Why, I don’t have the slightest clue. The only logical explanation is these sites actual have music hosted on their sites, and the copyright holders have put restrictions on the U.S.

Wow, I didn’t realize how long it’s been since I’ve shared a calypso gem. But then again, there are millions and millions of classics, we can’t possibly post them all (and I wouldn’t try LOL). I have a good one for you tonight! The artist’s name is Scrunter (goodness, I don’t understand why any artist would give themselves that name), and the song is called “Woman On The Bass.” This was a 12 inch single album released in 1980, under Keynote Records. However, Spotify has the shorter version, but it’s the original (which is most important). When I was a little, every get-together my family had, this song was played. It was almost mandatory LOL. This calypso brought back so much memories for me, it’s ridiculous! This album was played at least 3 times before the party was over. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any real information about this artist to share with you, other than the fact that he was born in Trinidad. Such a disappointment! His music is all over YouTube, and absolutely no text as to how he contributed to calypso music. Not even Wikipedia (well, I did find one, but it appeared to be in French). Damn..

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