I absolutely love the Riddick Franchise, and I love Van Diesel even more for starring as “Riddick.” I don’t think anyone else can play Riddick, Diesel truly fits this role. However, I didn’t know there was a cartoon for it.  Thankfully the producers decided to use Diesel’s voice for Riddick. I thought it was a series, but the flick turns out to be only a 34 minutes. This version of Riddick  was done Anime style. I feel that the drawing of Riddick’s body was a bit exaggerated, but the cartoon had enough action in it to hold my attention.


Among many things, Riddick is a bounty hunter, and wanted to off load two people that was on his ship. However, I was still unclear as to the real relationship between Riddick and the two people on his ship. ‘Cause you know how it is, the cartoons, movies, comic books, and books usually all have different stories. I got the feeling they were close, but just needed an excuse to land his ship and refuel. He meets up with this shapely alien chick, that likes to collect aliens and some who makes them living trophies. Unbeknown to Riddick, she would try to make him her next victim.


The battle of Riddicks life has now begun. She releases an 8 tentacle robotic monster to try and destroy Riddick. How will Riddick escape? Does he manage to rescue the two passengers that came with him? Check it out on Netflix. By the way: I’m not sure if it’s a rumor or not, they’re supposed to be working on a new Riddick movie for 2017! Yay!!!