Ok guys. My small fan base should’ve known that at some point, I would write something about Barbra Streisand. In fact, I am shocked that I haven’t already 🙂 . As I’ve said many times before, my tastes are multifaceted when it comes to music and film. Therefore nothing you see on my blog should surprise you. I am not automatically locked down to a particular genre simply because I am a person of color (neither should anybody else in my opinion). That said, I absolutely love Yentl, and I say this without bias. As much as I love Barbra, I have no problem saying  it’s a bad movie if it was. However, I suppose this kind of movie may not be for everyone. If I never saw this movie before; with all the major changes happening in the gay community; in today’s climate I would have immediately assumed this movie was about transgender issues. But it’s not. Although I thought to myself, I imagined that a lot of situations Barbra’s character got into, must be similar to what a lot of transgender go through. To make a long story short; Barbra reminisces on her father teaching her about her Jewish faith as a young girl. When she grew up that passion continued. However, the problem was her passion led to her wanting to be a Rabbi; but there were no female Rabbi, it was not allowed. So she risks everything by disguising her self as a young boy in order to learn more about her religion. Things got really complicated when Barbra was ordered to marry another woman (without anyone knowing she wasn’t a guy). I don’t want to give out any spoilers, you’ll just have to see how she gets out of those situations. The movie had so many twists & turns; although this was far from an action movie, it was very suspenseful watching Barbra get out of situations. Be forewarned, this is somewhat of a  musical, yet it’s really not. But honestly, any Barbra fan wouldn’t mind. Her vocal cords were on point in this movie! Without giving to much away, there is a very happy ending. The movie is very educational as well as entertaining. The movie was produced by Barbra herself, and has one academy awards (if I remember correctly). I think most cultural movie goers would love this movie. It’s Barbra for goodness sake!! 😀 .