Hi guys! Today I saw an incredible movie called “The Wilby Conspiracy (1975),” directed by Ralph Nelson and filmed in Kenya. The movie was based on the 1972 novel by Peter Driscoll. The movie stars two incredible actors, Sidney Poitier and Michael Caine. This movie has A LOT of twists, turns, and deception all over this movie, too much to cover in this article. But, trust me when I tell you, I enjoyed this movie, and it is absolutely FREE to watch on TubiTV!


I never saw this movie until today. I am extremely fond of Sidney and the positive roles he has chose to play throughout his career. However, I have to say that this particular movie shattered the handsome image I was accustomed to seeing. Sidney was as raw and gritty as he could get in this movie. But, this is one of the reasons I love Sidney, don’t care how much of a big actor he was, if the movie conveyed a powerful message, he wanted to do that movie, and play his given character to the fullest! The movie is almost two hours long, but I will give you a condensed summery.


Sidney plays a anti-apartheid South African revolutionary who spent time in jail for working underground. His defense attorney managed to get him out of jail, only to become a fugitive the same day, for assaulting a racist police officer. The officer tried to arrest Sidney because he did not have any identification documents. The office slaps Sidney, his female lawyer played by Prunella Gee got out the car furious at the officer. The officer proceeds to punch her in the stomach. Michael Caine who was also in the same car got out and started beating the hell out of the cop and one other cop.


It was obvious the cops must have had some kind of quota, because prior too, they arrested other Africans and lined them up. Sidney was just that “one more African” to round up for that day. All three, Sidney, Michael, and Prunella fled the scene and became fugitives. All of a sudden, all three became part of the revolution that day. They ended up fleeing to Johannesburg to hide (so they thought), where Sidney knew some people who could help him, who were also part of the revolution.


Their nightmare was because of this pig, played by Nicol Williamson. Nicol hunted all three like animals. He even gone to the extent of planting a homing device under their car. Will all three get out alive? Or will Nicol get his just deserts? I can’t go in to further detail because I don’t want to risk giving away spoilers. This movie has a lot of action, and as usual, both actors gave a phenomenal performance. Watch it on TubiTV free!! Also available on Roku and Amazon Fire.


Wow, what can I say about this movie? Well, let me start off by saying, I thoroughly enjoyed myself watching this movie. There was lots of action, suspense and some special effects throughout the movie. However, there were so many elements and traditions in the movie, that it was very hard for me to grasp were the writers were going. I wasn’t sure if the movie was mythical, supernatural, or what? But that didn’t stop me from enjoying the movie though.


In essence, there was a cult called “The Temple of Hades,” whose main purpose was to not only destroy China spiritually, but enslave and turn people in to mindless killing machines. The captured men were forced to fight to their death. This cult was so bad that not only did they capture subject prisoners to unbelievable torture, they were identified by a number that started with K. Our hero is K-29 played by Xing Yu. He was one that was trained to be from a child, and now returns to bring justice! Let me say that, I used to think that Donnie Yen who played “Ip Man (2010),” was the best martial artist currently. But after I saw Xing Yu’s moves in this film, I was totally taken back. Xing is smooth, quick, and ferocious without breaking much sweat. His fight scenes are phenomenal, and very realistic.


Our hero K29 had two major fights with two major villains. The first was at the beginning of the movie with was actor  Baocheng Jiang; he was like watching a Chinese version of Andre The Giant (a wrestler back int the day). K29 loses his temper after witnessing Baocheng Jiang kill his friend in front of him. It was like watching K29 beat Goliath! It was truly an awesome scene to watch. The second major fight was almost at the finale with physically beautiful Yoo Seung-jun. Yoo was truly a monstrous leader in this movie, I’ll just leave it at that because I don’t want to give any spoilers.


The fight between Yoo and Xing is intense; a major secret concerning Xing’s brother unraveled during this time; the remainder of captured people managed to get out of their prison cells and try to save the innocent children. Will Xing finally get to defeat Yoo, and become the new Vajra? If you don’t mind reading subtitles, I definitely think you should add this to your list of weekend movies. Watch on Netflix.



Today I watched Dragon (2011) on blu-ray. I have to be honest, I wasn’t really interested in this movie at first. The only reason why I Netflix’d it was because Donnie Yen (Ip Man) and the VERY handsome Takeshi Kaneshiro was in it. That said, I knew this movie would be action packed, based on other movies I’ve seen Donnie in. There was actually much more to this movie than what the description said. I’m not going to lie, the movie does drag quite a bit, but Donnie’s action scenes make up for it. If anything, you should rent this movie just to see this guy get his ear chopped off, and fly in to a pile of fresh meat. Eeeewwwww! It was awesome though LOL. In essence Donnie plays a reformed killer, trying to live a quiet life. However, Takeshi is a detective that soon discovers Donnie’s true identity, and  was determined to seek justice for Donnie’s crimes. What Takeshi didn’t know, was that his father raised Donnie to be a killer since birth. When Takeshi finally learns the truth, Takeshi then risks his life to save Donnie, when his crazy father comes to not only kill Donnie, but take his son too! Why? Simply because Donnie doesn’t want to be a part of the family clan any longer. Very nice martial arts in this movie. The movie will keep you interested. Spoiler alert!! The only thing I found corny though, they talked a lot about the technicals of the human body, and how someone was killed, etc. Yet, Donnie chops his own arm cut off, minimal blood comes out, and he still lives?!