Hi guys! I’m back with another episode of “The Bionic Woman.” This episode is called “Sanctuary Earth.” Now, this episode was not one of Lindsey’s best episodes. However, I did find a couple of the scenes in this episode  hilarious. The episode was not a comedy, but it had that definite feel of “low budget” all around it, which made it funny. Not that there is anything wrong with low budget movies/TV shows; there are quite a few shows that were low budget that became cult classics; but it adds more to the nostalgic feeling when watching any film.


I was tickled to see a young Helen Hunt on screen. You may remember her from the movie called “Twister (1996),” and the TV show “Mad About You (1992-1999).” Helen plays an alien traveling past earth in her spaceship. But some how, an American satellite that was launched knocked her ship off course, and was damaged as a result. She has the ability to shrink her body in to small places, and manages to get in side the American satellite temporarily, so she can temporarily land on earth. The Satellite lands in water, and Lindsey (Jaime Summers) hears a heart beat (bionically), and the next thing you know, Helen appears swimming in the water, and Lindsey goes and saves her.


Helen tells Lindsey that she is hiding from two other alien men who’s trying to capture her. They are twins played by Jim and Jon Hager. Their haircuts annoyed the hell out of me though. Those of us who are old enough to remember, the Hager twins were most famously known as actors in the hit country TV show “Hee Haw (1967-1977).” According to Helen, two planets were at war, and the bad planet (which the twins came from) planned to kidnap her if the bad planet won.


One of the funniest things I still can’t get over, is the device above. The twins were holding this device almost throughout the show. It reminded me of a cross between one of those classic “lady Shavers,” and a techno-light that dance clubs use. This device is used both as a tracking device and as a weapon. The twins even used it to trap both Lindsey and Helen in a force field. How will they get themselves out of this predicament?  Order Season 3 Disc 4 on Netflix.



Today I watched a very old TV show I netflix’d called  “Jake and The Fatman (1987). It was the first episode from the first season. I just couldn’t resist. This was one of those shows that I remembered watching a lot of, but didn’t actually remember a whole lot of details about the show. However, I did remember that this was definitely one of those “made for TV shows,” were the writers made sure the viewers saw no violence. Now, I got to be honest with my readers, I absolutely don’t like “80’s made for TV” shows; because usually they’re specifically designed to be way too bubblegum-ish for my taste. But since I remembered watching a lot of the show as a kid, I figured it couldn’t have been that bad. 😀 In my opinion, most of those “made for TV” were comparable to watching a 45 minute service announcement. But so far the fist episode kept me entertained (despite there wasn’t a whole lot of action in it) 😀 So, “The Fatman” McCabe plaid by William Conrad, is an attorney (who loves his little pugs) who’s more like a detective helping to solve crimes.


The Fatman’s partner in crime is the good looking Jake Styles, plaid by Joe Penny. Jake is the actual detective that does all the work, and solves the cases; yet some who manages to juggle his personal life and his demanding detective life together. Jake is almost like a young version of Matlock; he solves all the crimes without serious confrontations (at least from what I can tell in this first episode).


Robert Reed (who you may remember as Mike Brady from the TV show “The Brady Bunch (1969)”) plays a Senator who was having an affair with Clare Wren. Let me tell you, I don’t usually call women out of their names (but since this is a TV show), this lady was a whore! I say this because after a quick conference Robert had with the press (I think), she almost immediately guided him to a room to “make out” and do the hanky panky. Robert basically said “my wife is out there, you want people to find out?” LOLOL. She really had the hots for him. They really didn’t do anything, but her acting was so good, she really made the audience believe she was ready to try and do one up better than what Monica Lewinsky did to Bill Clinton LOLOLOL. She was ready to rock his world and had absolutely NO shame..


John Rubinstein plays Brent Moore, who’s Robert’s right-hand man. This guy turns out to be a crazy ass psychopath. He discovered that Clare was having an affair with Robert, and ends up killing her. He confesses to Robert and claims he had to do it otherwise she would have hurt his campaign and career. This dude was so crazy off his rocker, that I couldn’t figure out where the writers were going with his character. It almost appeared that John was actually in love with Robert for a minute. But then I said to myself, that couldn’t be true, because I think he would have killed his wife first. This John guy was definitely coocoo for Cocoa Puffs. But it turns out he wasn’t that crazy after all, because shortly after, he tried to frame Robert for the murder. How will Robert get himself out of this mess?  Order the first DVD of Jake and The Fatman from Netflix.




One of my ultimate favorite stories from the Twilight Zone, is from season 5, episode 6 called “The Living Doll (1959).” It stars Telly Savalas and Mary LaRoche. This was one of the most creepiest and scariest story lines I’ve ever seen. What scares me about it (I guess) is the fact there is no special effects, monsters, gore, or sadistic props of any kind. This episode in essence is about one man’s obsession with a doll. In my opinion, this performance really put Telly Savalas on the map as an actor; because this was not an easy thing to pull off and still appear authentic.


Telly Savalas and Mary LaRoche are married, with one child played by Tracy Stratford. Telly and Mary were having marital problems from the start. The episode started with Mary coming home with her daughter after a day of shopping. Mary purchased a doll for her daughter as a gift. Telly immediately took a disliking to the doll. At first, you get the impression that Telly was just a mean husband, but soon it becomes apparent that his wife has a spending problem, and objected to the purchase of the doll. In Telly’s frustration, he was mean to his daughter, wife, and the doll. Unbeknown to the wife and daughter, the doll was possessed and eventually threaten to kill Telly.


At first, I felt sorry for Telly, but by the end of the episode, I realized that Telly was really a bastard, and found myself on the doll’s side. I mean, Telly tried to burn the doll’s face, and got a kick out of the fact the doll appeared hurt by the flames. It was quite obvious that the doll was not going to hurt the wife or his child. Who won the battle of the wits? Was it the “Living Doll,” or was it Telly? Did Telly survive? Watch it on Hulu.



Watched another episode of one of my favorite TV shows, Kojak! This episode is called “The Best In Town,” with special guests David Doyle (who played Bosley on the original “Charlie’s Angels”),  and Mark Shera (who played officer Dominic Luca in the hit 70’s show S.W.A.T.). This was an interesting episode, because it dealt with a topic very few TV shows have touched on a serious level back then; and that is the stress of being a fresh new cop on the mean streets of NYC. I like this episode because not only did it show a human side to people in law enforcement; it also showed the reality of how something could happen in the blink of an eye; and you literally have only milliseconds to make a decision. Mark plays a rookie cop that is late for a meeting with Kojak. He could not catch a cab, so he runs into a hotel and makes a quick phone call, he happens to open an unlocked apartment door and witnessed an attempted murder in progress by several men (while he was on the pay phone). The bad guys wrestled and disarmed Mark, and then they fled; making Mark both  victim and witness. Everything had gone down hill after that. Mark had made a whole lot of mistakes, so much so that it temporarily cost him his badge. But thankfully, Kojak was there to give him the guidance he needed, and was able to get his badge back. Now that Mark is back on the force, see how he was able to help Kojak get the bad guys on Hulu!



You know, after seeing The Bionic Woman so many times as  a child, it is really difficult for me to see Lindsey Wagner in anything else.  The movie could be about her being attacked by a vampire, and I’d still yell “throw a damn chair or something Jaime!” 🙂 I have to say, even though The Bionic Woman is a fictitious television series, this particular episode drew me in as if it was actually real. I think this is my top favorite Bionic Woman episode. IMDB rating is 8.9 for this episode, and that’s pretty damn high. A lot of television shows don’t have ratings that high for their episodes, so it’s very impressive. I think in comparison to all her episodes in the series, this was her greatest acting performance. This was her greatest performance because she has shown the audience that she is not just bionic, but a woman with feelings, and a person willing to do anything to save life on the planet. In essence, the episode is about a rich and crazy scientist/doctor played by David Opatoshu, who takes it upon himself to teach the world the ultimate lesson as a result of the planet’s violent ways. He has created a super intelligent computer, designed to drop a bomb that would destroy all life on the planet. Jaime’s job of course, is to stop this super computer from dropping this bomb at all cost. Jaime really took a beating by the super computer in this two part episode. Each time Jaime thought she defeated the super computer, it was smart enough to logically switch gears and throw up another barrier at Jaime. This episode proves to use what a great actress she is, because she basically did this movie almost by herself, and the voice of the super computer named Alex (played by Guerin Barry). The ending was really powerful, and almost made me cry because of (which was the cherry on the cake) a very true statement that was said by actor Kenneth O’Brien (Dmitri Muskov). Will Jaime succeed in destroying the super computer, while trying to prevent the bomb from being droppped on the planet? Login to your Netflix account and order Season 2, Disc 4.



As a kid, I wasn’t sure why I like this particular episode so much. After watching it again recently on Netflix, although it’s not one of Star Trek’s more action filled episodes, it does make you think a little bit (as most of their episodes were designed to do). Captain Kirk, Bones, and Spock, were investigating a planet; when suddenly the enterprise alerts Kirk to some kind of cosmic storm coming their way. Kirk immediately orders the ship to get out of harms way temporarily, and assures everyone that Spock, Bones, and himself would be ok, and that the planet their on has a good enough atmosphere that they would survive. Next thing you know you hear a bang, and everything starts shaking like an earthquake. One by one Spock, Bones, and then Kirk disappears, and is transported to a dark place, were they see a women who Bones identifies as an “empath,” played Kathryn Hays. Kathryn reminds me so much of Lena Horne. It’s amazing how much she looks like her. Her facial expressions almost mimic her too. The woman is unable to verbally communicate because her species doesn’t have any vocal cords. Now, what makes this episode interesting; without words, she was able to communicate via emotion. In trying to communicate, she also uses a lot of body movements; which starts to look like she is ballet dancing. I don’t believe I ever saw any Sci-Fi show with this particular story line. The writers had a lot of balls, because you really had to have a good actress to pull that off. I think she did a good job. It wasn’t a stellar performance, but it was decent. There were a few moments in the episode were it got quite comical; watching Kirk interacting the mute woman almost dancing with each other. It just seemed so out of character for Kirk. One more thing I forgot to mention, the alien woman has the ability to heal other people. The problem was 2 crazy ass male aliens was using her and Kirk along with his crew as test subjects. How will Kirk get himself and his crew out of this situation? Login to your Netflix and watch.



If you don’t know already, Kojak is my most favorite cop show of all time! The TV series is about 40 years old now, and not only is the acting realistic, most of the episodes are still relevant today. I was watching season 2, episode 10 called “A Souvenir from Atlantic City” on Hulu. I’m not going to lie, this episode was sad, however, I think it was still worth watching. I man walks in to a bowling alley with a bowling bag. The bag turns out to be a bomb; and as the man setup the bomb, another man named Papo saw him. Unfortunately, by the time Papo realizes what the man was doing, there was no time to warn anyone. The building explodes, and Papo barely made it out alive. However, Papo runs and didn’t contact the police. Turns out that there were two agents in that bowling alley. Kojak comes on the scene, and finds out that Papo is actually an informant. Long story short, while everybody else was thinking someone put a hit on the two agents, Kojak figures out that the hit was for Papo. But you will NEVER guess who wanted him dead. To find out the answer, you’re gonna have to watch a free episode on Hulu. I try my best not to give out spoilers! I hate it, so I’m sure most of my readers do to.